Technologies for social transformation … are they all good?

In a context of data capitalism, where our entire digital life is facilitated, monitored and audited by 5 major technology companies worldwide (what we call GAFAM: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft), considering the free and open alternatives is a priority. Many social transformation initiatives don’t do it, most of times they don’t do it because the lack of time or the lack of knowledge.

Colectic wants help these initiatives. For that, it is developing “Passa’t al FLOOS” (Go FLOSS) project, which will support migrations from GAFAM to FLOSS on a regional level.

What is FLOSS?

FLOSS stands for technological solutions Free / Libre and Open Source Software: free or open source software projects. There are plenty of interoperable initiatives and sources, and most of them have been tested by the community and have been validated by millions of users.

How to Go FLOSS?

The social and solidarity economy entities of Catalonia can take the big step (not so big, if mesured by the effort, but really big if taking into consideration the social benefits) and join the Colectic’s project.

Colectic is working with XES (the social and solidary network) to produce a document with the diagnosis of the current situation, regarding the use of GAFAM and FLOSS resources. What are the needs of the entities of the social economy? What are the obstacles they encounter? What are the most appropriate strategies to migrate to FLOSS? And, in parallel, they are helping and leading the change to open and free software.

Do it: migrate, now

The change to ethical solutions can only be done one way: by doing it. Migrate, and do so thanks to adequate support and advice. And who better to advise and accompany than an entity that uses FLOSS as a tool? Colectic wants not only to help social entities in Catalonia migrate to FLOSS, but also wants to provide capacitation and training to the people who work and are partners in these entities so that the transformation is real, it is a success story.

Explain it!

Check that Colectic’s project is not just about some specific cases and that they are committed to dissemination and multiplication mechanisms. Stay tuned on their website!

FLOSS vs GAFAM? Are you still thinking about it? Do it, migrate, now!

“Passa’t al FLOSS” is an initiative of Colectic implemented in Catalonia with the collaboration of the City Council of Barcelona and Barcelona Activa.