Open AE: Promote open source technologies in non-formal adult education is an Erasmus+ KA2 project awarded through EPOS – National Agency for Erasmus+ programme in Flanders.

Open AE has three priorities:

  • to promote access and learning through open educational resources (OER);
  • to promote Open Source (OS) technologies in the non-formal educational sector to support the upskilling of adult educators and learners;
  • to address adult trainers working in the non-formal educational sector to reinforce digital skills and competences.
    Open AE will address key challenges and generate best practices based on these needs identified by ALL DIGITAL members in developed sustainable curricula for adult education, particularly with a focus to upscale low-skills unemployed adults. OPEN-AE wants to support European digital competence centres in becoming innovative training hubs.
    The twofold aim of Open AE is to:
  • contribute to the development of e-facilitators competences to deliver high quality and relevant digital skills training to adults;
  • contribute to the promotion of open source technologies and open education in non-formal adult education.
    Expected results and outputs:
  • Develop a curriculum training scheme on open source technologies addressed to e-facilitators working in non-formal adult education, mapped on the DigCompEdu Framework (CSF will lead this work)
  • Create an online toolkit for e-facilitators in five languages (EN, NL, FR, IT, ES) by adapting open educational resources already available. It will serve as guidance for adult education strategies, tools and approaches for developing digital skills training. (led by Ynternet.org)
  • Develop a modular blended course of 60 hours in open source technologies and pilot it with 40 e-facilitators from four countries to improve their knowledge of open digital learning technology, tools, platforms and using them (led by Colectic)
  • Produce guidelines for transferability and upscaling of project results and recommendations for non-formal education providers and policy makers (led by ALL DIGITAL)
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Open-AE logo

The OPEN-AE logo is based on the logo for Open educational resources. The logo is licensed under creative commons license Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. The logo was modified, so the book in the OER logo is now in the shape of a laptop, communicating that the resources linked to the OPEN-AE community are Open educational resources and they are digital.