Open-AE Toolkit

The learning scenarios (modules) are the fundamental elements of the Open-AE Toolkit. They were developed taking into consideration both the desk and field research of best practices regarding teaching open source technologies in each partner country/region.

Modules were developed based on the status quo and needs of each country regarding FLOSS culture. This task consisted of selecting, documenting and adapting existing content to the needs of e-facilitators. To achieve this, YORG produced the basic and transversal module structure of the training course (learning scenarios template). Training contents were developed by project partners that matched best their expertise and are based on digital OERs that the partners selected, adapted and developed according to the learning objectives and outcomes to be achieved in each module. These scenarios aim to guide trainers and learners during the training period in both the face-to-face classes and online exercises.

The Open-AE Online Academy was developed in English, and all the content is translated to at least one of the project languages (French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish). The learning materials (presentations or other) are stored and documented online on an open collaborative repository called SlideWiki.

The open-source and open-access SlideWiki platform employs crowdsourcing methods to support the authoring, sharing, reusing and remixing of open courseware. This space serves as the main repository for the Open-AE Academy and allows users to publish the material for the reuse of existing educational communities active in this platform.

Overall, the Academy and Slidewiki contains all the learning material used in the piloting of the Open-AE Course corresponds to the Open-AE Curriculum (18 modules prepared) published on the Toolkit as activities. The Toolkit, along with core learning materials, can be adapted, updated, and expanded by interested participants, comprises a valuable learning package ready to use in the future by e-facilitators, learning communities, organisations or educational systems. 

The Toolkit includes the following:

Online Academy platform that offers an overall and coherent narrative to the Open-AE Toolkit which includes (1) Pedagogical framework for a blended training methodology, (2) Training contents using OERs, (3) Guidelines for trainers and trainees, (4) Online collaborative platform, (5) A comprehensive introduction to the Toolkit, (6) Frequently Asked Questions, (7) Editing the Open-AE Academy User Guide.

Open collaborative repository called SlideWiki which is a place where all learning material (presentations or other) are stored and documented. It includes: (1) A comprehensive introduction to the SlideWiki platform, (2) All learning materials (slide presentation, classes, ect) related to the 18 learning scenarios (modules) of the curriculum, (3) Online collaborative platform where all the content is open to be used and edited by any member of the larger community with an interested in open and free software culture, (4) User Guide for editing the SlideWiki platform.