Open-AE Toolkit

The training courses scenarios are the fundamental elements of the OPEN – AE Toolkit (Intellectual Output 2). They were developed taking into consideration both the desk and field research of best practices regarding teaching open source technologies in each partner country/region (Intellectual Output 1). Modules were developed based on the status quo and needs of each country regarding FLOSS culture. These scenarios aim to guide trainers and learners during the training period in both the face-to-face classes and online exercises. In each piloting country, partners will be responsible for the organization of training groups with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 participants selected among e-facilitator and training providers in the field of non-formal adult education.

The learning material (presentations or other) are stored and documented online on an open collaborative repository called SlideWiki. The open-source and open-access SlideWiki platform employs crowdsourcing methods in order to support the authoring, sharing, reusing and remixing of open courseware.