Have you heard of the Social Issues platform?

Socialissues.tech aggregates issues from Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE, way of producing, distributing and consuming people’s service, based on cooperation and the common good.) projects. The tool searches for issues in Git-based version control systems (so far Gitlab and Github, free software version-control systems for tracking changes in source code during software development. ) label with socialissues.tech.

By doing it, the platform takes advantage of the powerful communities that exist around Free Software (FLOSS) to enrich the SSE ecosystem by creating a bridge between the tech and social worlds, making these projects gain importance and visibility thus facilitating entry to new contributors.

Using this platform, the projects move forward and have more contributors; new synergies between projects are promoted and the importances of welcoming FLOSS projects is highlighted.

Single contributors can find issues with a direct impact on society and can bring their tech know-how and provide solutions to the SSE entities.

Projects can use the space to showcase their projects to people who, by other means, would not get to know their initiatives. They can also open their project’s code to new contributors and get more stuff done, thanks to external contributions.

Some SSE projects at Catalonia have allied to help each other evolve and improve our ecosystem. They have now shown interest in leading this initiative collectives such as Coopdevs, Adabits, Dabne, Col·lectivaT and LliureTic.  Definitely, Colectic is also more than interested in joining this initiative. And you?